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Telecommunications industry is the backbone for the modern day connected society. It keeps the world communicating by providing the much needed connectivity to people and enterprises alike. With enormous data inflow every day, the telecom industry is increasingly relying on smart data extraction and processing tools to streamline their business operations and to provide better customer experience while ensuring a faultless billing system. In this blog we will look at the various aspects of the telecom industry that can be optimized using data extraction and processing tools and its impact on network optimization, customer services and billing systems.

Network Performance Optimization: Data Extraction Makes It Possible

Network performance optimization is an essential part of any telecom business to maintain its efficiency and to provide satisfactory end user experience. Data extraction and processing tools play an important role in network optimization by collecting enormous data points from various network activities and processing them to generate meaningful insights.

Some of the advantages:

  1. Monitoring: The collected data is then processed and presented in a manner to help the telecom business monitor their network performance in real time and easily pinpoint the problem areas and performance bottlenecks.

  2. Fault Prediction: Historical data collection and processing helps the business predict any future events that may cause downtime and perform preventive maintenance accordingly, thus improving the uptime and decreasing the fault rate.

  3. Bandwidth Allocation: When the data is optimized it helps to understand the areas of high demand and therefore the telecom operators can allocate bandwidth accordingly to prevent any congestion and slow network speed.

For example, the telecom operator uses the data extraction tool to collect the traffic pattern and usage data from its entire network and using that to analyze the speed and usage of the end users in various regions. If the tool finds a region with excessive data transfer it could mean that the infrastructure needs to be upgraded to handle the traffic or add another cell tower to decrease the traffic. This way the operator can invest wisely in the infrastructure and prevent any slowdown due to heavy traffic. Happy customers!

Customer Experience: Data Extraction Makes It Possible

Customers are the king and their experience stands as the success factor for any telecom business. Data extraction and processing tools help the telecom businesses to collect and analyze the customer data and gain valuable insights into their business related to customer handling.

Some of the advantages:

  1. Individualized customer support: Every customer is unique and their technical knowledge and understanding varies. Using data extraction and processing tools the telecom operators can collect the customer usage data and analyze it to provide customized support to each customer. This way the support is always aligned to customer needs and improves the customer experience.

  2. Problem solving: Data extraction from various customer touch points like call logs, chat transcripts, etc. helps the business to pinpoint the common problems and take effective measures to resolve them efficiently.

  3. Feedback from customers: The data extraction tool can easily process the feedback collection data and analyze it to take effective business decisions regarding improvements and new service offerings.

For example, the telecom operator can collect the data from the call center and analyze it to find the questions that are repeatedly asked by the customers. Based on this requirement the company can deploy a self service portal to educate the customers and answer their common queries or train the customer support executives to handle such calls in the next round. This way the operator can decrease the call volume and resolve similar customer issues efficiently. Happy customers!

Billing Systems: Doing the math right

In telecom, accurate billing is vital for revenue continuity and customer satisfaction. Data extraction and processing tools help in automating the billing operations by doing the math right with much less manual errors.

Some key advantages:

  1. Automated Data Extraction: The tools extract billing data automatically from different sources thereby avoiding any manual errors.

  2. Real Time Modifications: Any adjustments or changes can be made in real time based on the latest usage information.

  3. Detecting Fraud: With smarter data processing, any abnormal behavior can be detected thereby protecting customers as well as the business.

For example, a telecom business can use these tools to extract data automatically from usage logs and apply appropriate price sheets to prepare correct invoices for the customers. This not only helps in quicker invoice generation but also maintains customer confidence with complete transparency in the billing.


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